Benefits of Parking by Airport

With us, you will have no more worries about what happens with your car during your holiday. Simply select the one from numerous services that suits you best and all for the best possible price.

Safety for Your Car

Parking is one of the duties you have to deal with before almost each departure, whether it is for several days or several weeks. By parking at a quality parking lot, you will be sure that your vehicle is all right and you will have no unpleasant surprise on your arrival in the form of a stolen or damaged car.

Non-Stop under Surveillance

Most car parks are monitored by a camera system as well as by personal security 24 hours a day. If necessary, the guard is ready to take action against anyone who would try to steal or damage your car. For even better safety, most parking areas are fenced and the entrance is fitted with a parking gate. In all cases, car parks are usually insured.

No Chance for Rain, Hails and Dust

If you are afraid of unfavourable natural conditions, such as hailstorm, you may even select from the car parks which offer roofed parking. Many of open areas provide cars with a high-quality cover to protect the vehicle from dust, UV rays, rain or frost.  

Comfort for All the Family

Parking lots by airports are usually customized to provide you and all your family the greatest comfort. You can, for example, sit in one of the cosy waiting rooms and have a cup of coffee or other refreshment for free.

Transit is Included

Most car parks have transportation to the airport and back from it on your return included in the price. The park attendant either picks your car near the airport and returns it on the same place when you come back from your holiday or you drive the vehicle to a car park yourself and use a free transport to the airport, where they will pick you up again on the way back. Therefore, you do not have to worry about anything and waste your time.

Thinking of the Smallest Ones

Safety transportation to the airport is provided even to small children. Car parks are regularly equipped with a number of baby car seats of different categories so you do not have to worry neither about the smallest travellers.

Save Time and Money

You can select the most suitable parking place, which meets all your requirements, in a minute, with no lengthy searching, comparing individual offers and, above all, you can do it from the comfort of your home. Our price&service comparison website always provides you with the most favourable parkings regarding all the required services. Prices and additional services are constantly updated in the system, so do not be afraid that the final price is not true.

Choose also from Other Practical Additional Services

As the number of parking lots increases and the competition is high, customers may select from a wide range of additional services. The offer grows and develops to meet all customer needs.

Auto Service

You are on holiday and you do not need to use your car - when else would be the best time for its regular maintenance? Most car park operators are aware of that and so you can have for example your car interior cleaned, oil changed, air conditioning filled or you can get your vehicle refurbished.

Staff is also ready to assist you with car breakdowns, tire leakage, refuelling or using a car wash directly in the parking area.

Customer Service

Most parking places are located on a durable asphalt surfaces with barrier-free access. In the case you have to wait, you may use a waiting room, have a free snack, connect to Wi-Fi and comfortably surf the internet. Parking lot employees usually assist you with your luggage transfer and then there is nothing to stop you from leaving your home or coming back home happily.


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