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How to use your comparison tool to find a parking lot for a particular airport?

On the homepage you will find two calendars that you click on and select the date and the time of your arrival at the car park and arrival back at the airport.

To the right of these calendars you choose an airport from the list and then just click on the „Search“ button and our comparison tool will show you all available parking options according to the criteria you have entered.

How to make a reservation?

The moment you find a good looking car park, just click on the booking button and its detail with more information will show up.

If you like the car park, click on the booking button and you will be moved one step further, where you fill in the information needed to complete your reservation.

Then just click and send the reservation.

How should I choose an ideal car park?

You can find detailed information for each car park at our website.

You will know where its exact location is and in photos you can see how it looks like.

You will always see the real, calculated prices of parking lots for your chosen dates.

Icons on the parking profiles provide information about its characteristics, additional services and payment options.

The most objective indicator of quality is user ratings which are also displayed on the profile of each car park.

Can I modify or cancel my reservation?

As soon as you send your reservation, you will receive a confirmation email from us with a recapitulation of your order and the password „Secret Key” (SK) which will allow you to modify or cancel your order.

In the right upper corner of our website is the „Sign in” button. Enter your email address and your SK there and you will enter the administration system of the particular reservation (each reservation has its own SK).

You can also enter your reservation by clicking on the link which is also a part of the email along with the link to cancel your reservation.

What do individual buttons in the reservation editing system do?


It saves modified data.


It cancels all changes unless you already saved them.


It cancels the entire reservation.


Resend the confirmation email with login information to your currently saved email address.

How do I get from a car park to the airport and vice versa?

All car parks provide a transportation by a car directly to the requested terminal.

In the same way, you can get from the airport to the car park back to your car. In your reservation you enter an hour of your return and at that time there will be a car waiting for you to pick you up at the airport (or you call the particular parking lot after you arrive).

This service is included in the price of a parking.

Is it safe to leave the car in a car park which does not officially belong to the airport?

Leaving your car in the car park reduces the likelihood of its alienation, robbery or damage.

Car parks are usually surrounded by a fence and some of them are even guarded by a security and a camera system.

Many car parks are also roofed to protect your car from adverse weather conditions.

In general, car parks that are located near an airport are much safer places for your car than an average city street or a remote field near an airport.

The majority of unofficial car parks nearby Czech airports are equally safe as the official ones and the most famous ones are even safer. However, the prices are much lower.

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